Andrew Marzoni

Presidents, Science Fiction, and Dreams

by The Lawrences of Arabia

7 September 2007

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Nathan Bergqvist and Andrew Marzoni, unless otherwise noted. 

The Lawrences of Arabia are... 

Nathan Bergqvist: Guitars, bass, vocals, percussion, drum programming, atmospherics, production, mixing & mastering 

Andrew Marzoni: Pianos, organs, synthesizers, background vocals, accordion, drum programming, atmospherics, production 


Joey Nelson: Drums, percussion 

Ian Kesterson: Violin, mandolin 

Daniel Frankeberger: background vocals 

Chris Megginson: background vocals 

Jonathan Huffman: background vocals 

"Bioilluminescent Bill" written by Nathan Bergqvist, Andrew Marzoni, and Daniel Frankeberger 

"To the Secretary of State" written by Richard M. Nixon and Nathan Bergqvist 

"Yours Truly, Stanley Grovom" written by Stanley Grovom, Andrew Marzoni, and Nathan Bergqvist 

Special thanks to Chuck & Debbie Maxson, Jim & Pat Buxton, and Chris Maroulakos