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An Open Letter to The Silent Comedy, by Justine Marzoni

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"To be clear, my issues with this video do not lie in the fact that rape is a theme represented. What I do have a problem with is the way that it is represented––as an accepted practice, presented uncritically, and seemingly without comment".


The following is a response by San Diego local, Justine Marzoni, to an ever disturbing and rape-normalizing video, “Always Two”. If you love rape culture, you’ll LOVE this new video by San Diego’s local (and fairly popular) band, The Silent Comedy. I encourage you to watch and to let your emotions fuel your action towards ensuring the removal of this video’s existence in the public sphere. TRIGGER WARNING for those sensitive to Rape (and lets be honest, I wish we all were). Thank you so much for writing this, Justine. You can watch the video and view the letter directly below.

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