Andrew Marzoni

Drunken Bike Rides at Night

Added on by Andrew Marzoni.

The other night, I went on a drunken bike ride. I can’t believe that I waited twenty-seven years to go on a drunken bike ride at night. I got the idea from reading Henry Miller.* I listened to rap music on my drunken bike ride, which made it all the more exciting. Had iPhones or iPods or Walkmen or even transistor radios been invented when Henry Miller went on his drunken bike rides, Henry Miller doubtless would have listened to Schubert or something. Perhaps he could have tied a gramophone to the handlebars. Probably not, though. I can’t really see that working.

Could the iPhone exist without rap music? Could “Henry Miller” exist without drunken bike rides at night?

*I had a friend in college who once got a B.U.I. for riding a tricycle he had stolen out of a stranger’s front yard in the middle of a busy avenue while intoxicated. But I only remembered this just now.