Andrew Marzoni

Minimalist Reader Comments Attached to a Rejection Letter from an Academic Journal (This is Real, Guys)

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Accept for Publication:

No. While I am not familiar enough with either of the films this essay discuss [the essay only discusses one film, btw] to be commenting on the article—so take my comments with a grain of salt—the essay itself is written in too digressive a style to be published, in my opinion.

Does this article provide solid research? Does the article show awareness of previous, established scholarship on the topic?

Some, yes.

Is this article well-written?

No: it is too digressive in style.

Does the article provide strong support and concrete examples for its discussion?

I don’t think the article makes its point effectively, so no.

Does the article contain accurate quotations from sources and accurate documentation in terms of page numbers?

I assume it does.

Does the article advance the study of or findings in [the field] in a significant way?