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My dear Théophile, hashish will be taken at my house, Monday, September 3rd, under the auspices of Moreau and Aubert-Roche. Do you want to participate? If so, arrive between 5 and 6 at the latest. You will have your share of a light dinner and await the hallucination. You may bring with you whatever bourgeois that you wish to inject; since strangers are already being brought to my home, one more will make no difference. I ask only to be forewarned so that food can be ordered accordingly. It will cost 3-5 francs per head. Please reply yes or no—if you are afraid of impure contacts, I think I can suggest a method of isolation, the hotel Pimodan makes it possible.

Always yours, F. Boissard

— Fernard Boissard, host of the Club des Hashishins, to Théophile Gautier (1845)