Andrew Marzoni

Notes on Gossip Girl: A One Act Play In The Form Of An Internet Dialogue

Added on by Andrew Marzoni.

A: i’m watching gossip girl

    it’s gotten so terrible

    in this episode, there is an evil french priest

    who looks like an abercrombie and fitch model

L: ew

A: yeah, it’s the worst plotting i’ve seen in a long time

    not to mention acting, character development, etc.

    all rufus does now is look at his ipad on the couch and chuckle like a



    he has done just that in like 3 different scenes

    blair has her bachelorette party in a gay bar

    which of course is not totally offensive

L: not at all

A: they play some incomprehensible drinking game in which she has to take a

    shot for every ex-lover her friends are able to name

    and proceeds to get really drunk

    meanwhile, serena and dan are pretending to date to keep up internet


    and chuck says things like, “there is a fine line between stalking and


    because he is walking that fine line

    and nate is trying to find out why his cousin (the congressman)

    tried to kill him

    i think that pretty much covers it

L: i haven’t watched it in forever so i don’t need a play by play

A: the evil french priest is trying to break up louis and blair, because he’s

    fucking louis’s sister,

    and somehow gets more power if blair is out of the picture?

    all of this to say, it is completely insane and makes no sense