Andrew Marzoni

Square Things That I Do Now, Which I Didn't Do When I Thought It Was Hip

Added on by Andrew Marzoni.
  1. Go to bed at 10.
  2. Wake up early (sometimes before 7!).
  3. Exercise.
  4. Subscribe to The New York Review of Books.
  5. Appreciate white wine.
  6. Eat meals at regular times.
  7. Wash dishes immediately after using them.
  8. Make the bed every morning.
  9. Monitor my coffee intake.
  10. Have seen every episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  11. Have seen many episodes of other incarnations of The Real Housewives franchise.
  12. Overuse the word “perhaps.”
  13. Own more than one pair of shoes.
  14. Google myself.
  15. Spend a substantial amount of my time grading papers.
  16. Drink Diet Coke knowingly (only sometimes).
  17. Have a Gerry Rafferty album on my iPod.
  18. Live in the midwest.
  19. Suffer back pain/heartburn.
  20. Envy rich people.