Andrew Marzoni

The Films Released in 2012 Which I Have Seen, Ranked from Brilliant to Godawful

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  1. Django Unchained, dir. Quentin Tarantino
  2. The Master, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
  3. Moonrise Kingdom, dir. Wes Anderson
  4. Amour, dir. Michael Haneke
  5. Lincoln, dir. Steven Spielberg
  6. The Comedy, dir. Rick Alverson
  7. Bernie, dir. Richard Linklater*
  8. The Queen of Versailles, dir. Lauren Greenfield
  9. The Hunger Games, dir. Gary Ross
  10. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, dir. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim
  11. Cosmopolis, dir. David Cronenberg
  12. To Rome With Love, dir. Woody Allen

*Premiered in 2011