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The Killing : Twin Peaks

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This past weekend I watched the first five or so episodes of AMC’s The Killing. So far, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and mostly because it is completely impossible to ignore the similarities it shares with Twin Peaks, one of the absolute best shows of all time.

On a narrative level, alone, the two programs share much in common: they both center around the investigation of the murder of a locally beloved teenage girl, whom—as political/sexual conspiracy after conspiracy is revealed—the viewer comes to realize has a sort of murky, sordid past; they are both set in Washington state (The Killing in Seattle, Twin Peaks in the fictional town of Twin Peaks); etc., etc., etc.

I’ve compiled a list of character analogs between the two shows which I plan to return to once I’ve delved deeper into the series. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

The Killing : Twin Peaks

Rosie Larsen : Laura Palmer

Sarah Linden : Special Agent Dale Cooper

Darren Richmond : Ben Horne

Stephen Holder : Sheriff Harry S. Truman/Deputy Andy Brennan

Mitch Larsen : Sarah Palmer

Stanley Larsen : Leland Palmer

Terry Marek : Norma Jennings

Bennet Ahmed : Dr. Lawrence Jacoby/Leo Johnson

Lesley Adams : Mayor Dwayne Milford

Tom & Denny Larsen : Johnny Horne (only seen/referenced in the Pilot)

Jamie Wright : Jerry Horne

Belko Royce : Big Ed Hurley

Sterling Fitch : Donna Hayward

Amber Ahmed : Shelly Johnson

Jasper Ames : James Hurley

Gwen Eaton : Josie Packard

Ruth Yitanes : Catherine Martell

Lt. Michael Oakes : Gordon Cole

More on this later. Feel free to contest!