Andrew Marzoni

The More Oddly Specific Film & Television Categories Suggested To Me By Netflix, Apparently Based On My "Taste Preferences" (Which Amounts To Two Ways Of Saying The Same Thing, Essentially)

Added on by Andrew Marzoni.
  1. British Detective TV Dramas
  2. Critically-acclaimed Gritty Independent Movies
  3. Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  4. Mind-bending Foreign Movies
  5. Witty TV Comedies
  6. Quirky French-Language Comedies
  7. Dark Social Issue Dramas about Marriage
  8. Classic TV Shows from the 1960s
  9. Violent Crime Movies based on contemporary literature
  10. Understated Suspenseful Psychological Movies
  11. Cerebral Movies
  12. Independent Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead