Andrew Marzoni

Titles for Academic Critical Analyses of Steely Dan (As Proposed by Myself, My Friend Trevor, and Others in a Facebook Thread)

Added on by Andrew Marzoni.
  1. "Rich and Nostalgic about Drugs and Women: The Economics of Smooth"
  2. "Why Sax Matters: Steely Dan and Buttery Saxophonics"
  3. "Why Katy Lied: Towards a New Hermeneutics of Suspicion"
  4. "Hey Nineteen, or, Neoliberal Erotics & the Death of the 1960s"
  5. "The Fez, and Other Prophylactic Euphemisms"
  6. "Echoes of Peg: A Michael McDonaldian Semiotics of Falsetto Background Harmonies"
  7. "When Black Friday Comes: The Biopolitics of Otherness in the American Jazz-Rock (re)Naissance, 1972-1981"
  8. "Five Names that I Can Hardly Stand to Hear: Homosocial Figurings of the Self and Their Anti-Feminist Implications"
  9. "Are You With Me, Dr. Wu?: Identity and Interracial Marriage in Asian Cultures"
  10. "Haitian Divorce: Diasporic Epistemes and Western Ethical Imperatives"
  11. "Pretzel Logics: The Figure of the Möbius Strip in the Work of Baudrillard, Jameson, Becker, and Fagen"
  12. "The Two Beckers: Human Capital and the Politics of Recognition of the Leisure Class"